Extradition and International Criminal Defense

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Fleeing from one country to another upon committing a crime does not necessarily mean a person will evade trial or punishment for the crime committed. States can request for the surrender of an alleged criminal through a process known as extradition.

Extradition, in international law, is the surrender of a wanted person for trial from one country to another where the alleged crime occurred. Binding extradition treaties usually exist between the two countries involved in the extradition process. The process of extradition for international crimes is conducted in accordance with the terms of a treaty between two countries.  These treaties outline the crimes that are considered extraditable between the countries.

Extradition laws allow countries to hand over a wanted person to the requesting country for purposes of criminal trial or punishment. However, the processes and procedures of extradition vary from one country to another. As a result, cases involving extradition to or from the U.S. can prove to be very complicated, requiring specialized knowledge of international law. Extradition proceedings involve an intricate blend of treaties, international laws, and even federal laws. This implies that defendants are at a high risk of being extradited to the requesting country.  Successful litigation of extradition cases required a thorough understanding of the applicable laws and the complicated legal process involved, as well as the ability to persuade prosecutors that extradition is impermissible putting in consideration the circumstances at hand.

Moreover, the issue of human rights arises in extradition cases.  In many foreign countries, defendants are not guaranteed of a fair trial or humane conditions of detention should they be incarcerated. This means each extradition case requires great attention to detail from an international criminal defense lawyer. The qualified and experienced international criminal defense attorneys at Burgos & Associates Law Group represent individuals when a foreign government seeks to extradite the person from the U.S.We also represent clients living in another country when the U.S. seeks to extradite the defendant to the U.S. for criminal trial or sentencing. Our highly experienced defense attorneys have a track record of success in extradition cases.

Extradition and international criminal defense attorney

If you’re facing criminal charges for a crime that allegedly occurred overseas, you need an attorney who understands the complex processes involved in international criminal investigations and prosecutions. Moreover, international laws are constantly changing meaning you’ll need an attorney who’s always updated on the most recent law changes. Our attorneys at Burgos & Associates Law Group are highly skilled to handle these unique type of cases. At Burgos & Associates Law Group, we have unrivaled experience representing individuals and even corporate clients that are being investigated for, or charged with crimes that span international borders.

Although extradition cases are unique, there are common potential defense strategies that can be advanced by the defense team. These include treaty exceptions, procedural defenses, Sixth Amendment violations, and lack of probable cause, the statute of limitations, and the doctrine of specialty.

Consult with a qualified international criminal defense attorney

Whether you’re facing an extradition request, investigation or prosecution for an offense committed in the U.S. or across the U.S. boundaries, our competent defense attorneys have specialized knowledge and experience to represent you. There are precise requirements that must be followed to extradite a criminal defendant between the United States and another foreign country. The process can be extremely overwhelming and complicated, but you don’t have to go through it alone.  Contact us at Burgos & Associates Law Group and our professional attorneys will help protect your rights and mount the best possible defenses to extradition and the underlying criminal charges you may be facing.

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