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Providing competent professionals in the fields of law, technology, and industry.

Legal services in the field of corporate, dispute resolution and intellectual property laws by constantly:

Developing a work culture with discipline and work ethic with sincerity and honesty.
Providing competent professionals in the fields of law, technology and industry.
Improving the firm’s growth on an ongoing basis, relying the legal services on the provision of business- oriented in client’s satisfaction while preserving integrity.
Creating effective mechanisms for a continuous increase of efficiency through firm resources to ensure a sustainable and reliable business

Practice Areas

Immigration Law

Family and Corporate based petitions and removal proceedings.

Civil Litigation

We provide Civil Litigation legal advise.

Business Law

Corporate and Transaction Litigation, we can also support your company formation needs.

Intellectual Property Law

Registrations, Cancellations, Disputes, Cease & Desists, and Litigation

Estate Planning

Although estate planning can be a complex task, a well-informed plan can make a big difference in what is left for your loved ones.

Criminal Defense

Our team can provide you with the legal services you need in order to effectively fight for the best possible outcome on your behalf.

Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice, as it says is the issue that occurs when a medical professional fails to provide a certain standard of care.

Personal Injury

ALL Injury cases are on a contingency fee basis which means no costs and no fee if no recovery!

Family Law & Divorce

For answers on your Family Law matters please call or email our offices to schedule your initial consultation.

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Burgos & Van Browne Law Firm always maintains excellence in the field of legal services with the support of qualified attorneys that have extensive knowledge and necessary experience in the fields of Immigration and Criminal Defense.

Criminal Defense Case Served
1000 +
Year Defense Experience
Availability & Customer Support
4 /7
Flexible Payment Structure
$ 1000 +

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Family Law

Rights of a Birth Father When a Child Is Adopted Out By Biological Mother Child adoption remains a very sensitive matter in the family law that requires proper handling as

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